American Regional Biology Competition

The ARBC is a team based biology competition for you and your friends to test your knowledge of life science topics.

🎉 WINNERS: National results are out here! Thank you to everyone who participated this year and we hope to see you back next year!

Mission Statement

The American Regional Biology Competition hosts a series of in-person and online biology competitions designed to inspire passion for the biological sciences by providing fun, accessible, and team-based biology competitions for curious students.

What is ARBC?

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The American Regional Biology Competition (ARBC) is a competition oriented towards furthering interest in the biological sciences amongst high school students. The ARBC provides resources and opportunities for students to take their interest in biology far beyond the limits of their classroom settings and pursue topics which they are interested in. Students will have the opportunity to compete as a team, and as such are encouraged to develop interpersonal cooperation skills and to collaborate effectively. The competition will contain both individual and team segments, both of which will require thorough prior knowledge and problem solving skills.

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